thank you for this timely alert.  it helped immensely that you put the words
"Virus warning" in the subject line, as I always open messages labeled this
way first.
joe b....
In a message dated 10/23/99 4:40:07 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
[log in to unmask] writes:
 Lucas Klein's recent post came into my computer in two parts. One of these
 would have started file happy.exe: the common and damaging Happy 99 virus.
 If you're reading this note you've probably already opened Klein's. If so,
 you have two options.
 1. Given the chance to open the attachment file happy.exe, don't. Instead,
 delete it -- preferably with a virus checker.
 2. If you have opened the attachment file, your computer is now
 contaminated. Don't send any more e-mails until you've cleaned it up.
 Jonathan Morse