I joined to this list recently. I am doing research on
cultural history on private basis in Japan. For these about
 seven years, I have been doing biographical study of Pound,
and made a manuscript (in Japanese) of Pound's biography
based on the books of Stock, Carpenter, Redman, Kenner,
Surette, Tryphonopoulos, Longenbach, Bush, Flory, Rainey,
Torrey and many others.
   In the manuscript, I tried to see the life of Pound in the
contexts of artistic, social, political,  and economical history.
It contains no original discovery. However I think it has an
introductory value, for there is almost no biography of Pound
published in Japan. The only one I know is the translation of
  I tried to publish my manuscript and offered to several
publishers in Japan, but found they were reluctant.
I know it is not easy to publish a book for one who has no
academic career. But if someone kindly tell me Japanese
publishers and editors who are interested in Pound,  I would
be helped very much.
Hideo Nogami, Yokohama city, Japan.
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