I'm thankful for the full poetic explanation. I was troubled that Melitta
might have been a reference to Melitta Schmideberg, daughter oppositional
to Melanie Klein (emigre to USA where she, the daughter, abandoned psy-a),
revealing fissures in the mesh of published psychoanalytic writings as they
seep back into biographies for broader consumption. Glad to find I was
associating too much.
Thankful also for Arwin's caveat that the 'only real
difference should be that a psychiatrist is qualified to prescribe
medicine, basically being a doctor, and a psychotherapist limits himself
[sic] to
alteration of thinking and behavioural patterns', though I think the
historical and contemporary range of differences within and between both
professions might be immeasurably more complex - as also, following Daniel
Pearlmen (and Edward Said?), the exchanges between amateurs and
professionals in numerous fields.
Richard Read
>Melitta filters?  Like a Mr Coffee without the plastic overwrap--You put
>the plastic filter holder on top of the coffee cup, place paper or
>gold-mesh filter in the v-shaped filter holder, loaded with coffee.  Pour
>bubbly hot water into the holder, and that water seeps through the coffee,
>seeps through the porous filter, and settles into a glistening coffee pool
>at the bottom of the cup. Quite beautiful, really--especially in the right
>quiet and light.  It also involves the consumer in the process, like hand
>rolled cigarettes, thereby ritualizing the event and making it sublime.
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