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Let me second Jacob Korg's endorsement of Casillo: one of the few critics I
know who read Pound's antisemitism as a part of his language, not just a
detachable extra-poetic epiphenomenon. And Jerome Kavka, in "Ezra Pound's
Personal History: A Transcript, 1946," _Paideuma_ 30 (1991): 143-85,
records this interesting displacement reaction from St. Elizabeths:
JK: Can you tell me something of your sexual history? Have you ever had a
venereal disease?
EP: I never had gonorrhea or syphilis. I was married in 1914 to Dorothy
Shakespear. She was the daughter of a most respectable solicitor . . . an
Anglo-Indian family. My son is Dorothy's son. Mary Rudge . . . [obviously
upset and reluctant to go on]. Homosexuals -- you scare 'em. They can fuck.
. . . The trouble with Jews is their basic works. The Talmud and the Bible
are anthologies. Moses was the last program. My Zionist program -- Zion
shall be redeemed with justice. [Communication having deteriorated, I
concluded the interview.]  (159; brackets and ellipses in original.)
And on a related subject: my review essay "T.S. Eliot Says 'Jew'" appears
in the current (fall) _American Literary History_.
Jonathan Morse
Department of English
University of Hawaii at Manoa
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