At 08:43 AM 5/21/98 +0100, alex wrote:
>   the Provencal epitaph in "Na Audiart" is translated in line 33: "though
you wish me ill".
>  Maybe what you are looking for are these:
> 1) K. K. Ruthven, "A Guide to Ezra Pound's Personae (1926). U of Cal.
Press, Berkeley/L.A. 1969,
>and 2) Thomas H. Jackson, "The Early Poetry of Ezra Pound", Harvard UP 1968.
>  alex
There's another one published quite recently, although I've not seen a copy
nor read anything about it:
Thomas F. Grieve, _Ezra Pound's Early Poetry and Poetics_,
University of Missouri Press, 1997.
The author is an english literature professor who teaches at SFU & his
sister is a friend on mine.