At 8:57 AM +0900 5/10/98, Wayne Pounds wrote:
>I get mine on other lists but not on this one, though I am using the same
>computer and settings. The world, friends, is various.
>sylvester pollet wrote:
>> At 11:30 PM -0700 5/8/98, Jim Strachan wrote:
>> >At 03:06 PM 5/9/98 +0900, Wayne Pounds wrote:
>> >>Same here. Didn't receive my postings but there's an inundation of mail
>> >>about the gremlin.
>> >
>> >The other thing that I've learnt from this list is that everyone recieves
>> >all the postings except their own.
>> >Jim
>> I get mine. That's a choice you make on your own computer settings.
OK, I just looked up the Pound List instructions (anybody can/should print
them out for reference). To receive copies of your own messages, send the
following command to [log in to unmask]
I think you can get the page-and-a-half of instructions by sending the
command INFO REFCARD to the LISTSERV address. Our addresses at Univ. of
Maine have been shortened recently, so one maine. should do it.If there's
sufficient groundswell of interest, perhaps we could prevail upon Prof.
Emeritus Caroll F. Terrell to write A COMPANION TO THE LISTSERV OF EZRA
POUND? This gets boring.