At 11:19 PM -0600 3/3/98, kathleen wilson wrote:
>I am researching Pound's China Cantos and I have been looking at John J.
>Nolde's transcriptions of Pound's notebooks in Blossoms from the East.  Are
>they word-for-word exact?  Where could I find more material on them?  Does
>anyone know if Pound used abbreviations when he translated de Mailla's
>Histoire Generale da la Chine? ------Kathy Wilson
Kathy: NPF also recently published a small book of John Nolde's called Ezra
Pound on China (really fragments of a project Nolde was working on when he
died). I don't have a copy at hand, but I remember that it includes notes
on Pound's use of de Mailla, among other things. You could obtain a copy
for a very low price (postage plus a little) from Gail Sapiel at NPF
<[log in to unmask]> for details. Same goes for anyone.  Sylvester