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%D&.: The twelfth printing in 1991
>Dear list,
>I have a question about the version of _The Cantos_ I am reading.  The one
>am reading now is the twelfth printing in 1991 by New Directions, and the
>one I used to read is the first printing of _Cantos 1-117_ in one volume in
>1970 also by New Directions.  I found some differences between the two
>versions.  The major difference is the inclusion of the Italian Cantos in
>the later printing, which results in the difference of pagination.  As I
>look closely, there are other minor variations besides pagination.  For
>instance, in Canto LII (p. 257), the later printing substitutes the bold
>lines in the first printing with verses about Stinkschuld.  I think there
>should be some words explaining the change, but I found no editor's note to
>clarify my question.   I wonder which printing is more trustworthy.  I am
>actually quite annoyed by this 1991 printing because its pagination is
>different from what many of you have quoted in the literature of Pound
>criticism.   Are there some articles or reviews to explain the editing
>policy? Or are there any books on the textual history of _The Cantos_?
>best regards,
>Electra Wang