Joe, I picked up the same book, IMPACT, also in great condition, but I
paid $13.50!
That's USURY!
At St. Elizabeth's, Pound became associated and corresponded with
right-wing American movements that others may have described as fascist,
but they
gave themselves  names like John Birchers etc.  HOWEVER, the Pound
writings in
Impact are essays from the 1930s or world war period, NOT st.
elizabeths.  Aryan
Path I think was a journal out of the UK, linked to Mosley's British
Joe Ahearn wrote:
> While we're on this crank-of-the-month thread: does anyone have any
info on
> Pound's relationship to American neo-fascist groups while he was in St
> Elizabeth's? That is, how actively was he involved with American
> groups? I recently ran across (and bought of course) a copy of a book
> Pound called Impact, published by the infamous Regnery Press. I notice
> one of the publishing credits is for Aryan Times, or some such. Which
> observation leads me to my question. The book, by the way, is a first
> great shape, and I paid $3 for it. (I would have preferred any number
> other Pound firsts, but it was a medium-good find.)
> Best,
> Joe Ahearn
> Rancho Loco Press
> Dallas
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> >Ezra Pound was never in touch with Dr. Mengele.
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