The biography question opens up a can of worms, doesn't it? I think a lot
of people on this listserv are holding back from responding because of
the sheer weight of the issue. Carpenter is by far the most thorough, and
yet Poundaholics seem to relish in pointing out the obvious gaps and
errors. I know I do.
Pound lived an incredible series of lives. There were few periods of
inactivity -- from his days at UPenn until his death. His published work;
his wide range of journalism; his voluminous correspondence (from
A(ntheil) to Z(ukofsky)); the places that he lived (Venice, London,
Paris, Rapallo, St. Elizabeths); the times in which he lived (teens, WWI,
WWII, etc.)-- all of it ultimately must confound any biographer looking
to present EP in one volume. He was too vast; hence the Pound industry.
one person's opinion.
Cameron McWhirter