Poundian here!
Thanks for the call for the ALA.  Do you know which day(s) the Pound Society
panels will be?
I would love to propose a paper on Pound and hypertext. I presented my
electronic edition of the Italian Cantos last summer in Brunnenburg, and
Mary de Rachewiltz has just recorded the Italian text for inclusion in it.
Ned Bates, another Pound scholar who was at Brunnenburg last summer, is
doing a hypertext of part of the Pisan Cantos and also has a theoretical
paper that accompanies it -- as do I (I have an article in the current
Paideuma -- the one with your excellent piece on the poetry wars -- on the
subject).  I'm not sure he would want to do it, but I could ask him if you
think the subject is worthy.
The reason I ask about the days of the sessions is that I am finishing my
dissertation (when not checking my email) and will graduate this spring.
Our graduation ceremony is May 29th.
Best regards,
Patricia Cockram