Okay, Okay, I'll consider sending 'em some money.  I just saw Mary today,
and she told me she likes the idea, though she worries that they won't do it
right and was not happy that the amount of money she pledged turns out to be
such a small percentage of what they need (why *do* they need so much
money?).  She said she thought her contribution would be half of what they
should need and that she could certainly restore a house for less than that.
She also told me that Laughlin (who was cheap but had pretty good instincts)
thought it was a terrible idea.
I have to say that I don't find their approach encouraging.  Have they tried
to get grant money?  Do they really know what they are doing?  Does anyone
know what their plans are?
I'm not adverse to helping keep Pound's work and memory alive, but I think
we must make sure we are not helping someone bury him under the sort of
commercial detritus he abhorred.