A few days ago, someone (sorry, forgot who) mentioned Michael Lind's book
_Up from Conservatism_, which suggests Pound financed some of Mullins'
work. I was surprised it wasn't mentioned *why* Lind talks about Mullins.
Briefly, Lind is showing the sources for televangelist and erstwhile
presidential candidate Pat Robertson's book _The New World Order_.
Robertson used *extremely* close paraphrases of both Mullins and Webster
to develop theory of a global conspiracy of Masons and bankers that goes
back to the 18th Century and financed the French and Russian Revolutions,
both world wars and the cold wars.
About the only substantial change Robertson makes to his sources is
switching "Jewish bankers" to "European bankers." It's an
interesting and devastating analysis which he first presented in the NY
Review of Books a few years back.
_New World Order_ was a bestseller, by the way. Some conspiracy theories
never go out of style.
Bill Freind