At 04:56 PM 1/27/98 -0500, Erin Templeton wrote:
      I hardly think that the reason younger scholars and stdents of
>literature have "hardly even heard of [Pound]" is because the Cantos aren't
>available on the Web.  While electronic access might be convenient, it isn't
>preventing students and aspiring scholars from reading EP.  Perhaps a more
>likely reason is his conspicuous absence from the classroom--whether because
>his poetry is "too difficult" or because many instructors find his politics
>distasteful or inappropriate for the classroom.
This is true.  There are professors who refuse to teach Pound.  In my
graduate school, though Pound has been on the syllabus in many Modernist
courses, he has often not had a big place.  In one case, my 1-hour
presentation was the only coverage he got; in another the professor asked me
to stand in and teach Pound (2 sessions).  We have courses offered in single
authors, from Chaucer to Morrison, and in single books (Ulysses, for
example), but there has never been a whole course offered here in Pound.
Those of us who want to do serious work on him often have to do so alone or
with minimal help.  Hooray for the Pound list!