Dear Hugh, Welcome back from down under. I hope you and your wife
have had a good experience and a lot of rest. As well, I hope you've
seen the latest double issue of _Paideuma_ that includes the papers
you (along with Surette and Adams) helped me select--for which I
thank you. Terry has asked me to edit another issue that shall focus
on Pound and Prosody. As Burt Hatlen says, Terry seems more willing
these days to let a few others do some of the work. The
"Pound/Prosody" issue is not likely to come together for a couple of
more years, and I've asked Barry Ahearn and Hatlen about the
possibility of having a EP session on the topic for the 1999 MLA
Convention. What do you think?
The topic of prosody brings me to me next point: I would like to
propose a paper fro the Special Session on "James Laughlin of New
Directions" you are trying to organize; it would be entitled
something like this: "The Publisher as Prosody: James Laughlin's
Visual Couplet Metric." In any case, I will mail you an abstract and
a brief vitae within the next few days.
In the meanwhile, welcome back and have a Happy New Year.