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>On Tue, 6 Jan 1998, Willard Goodwin wrote:
TK even looks like EP.
>> Did anyone share my sense of deja-vu upon reading today's reports of
>> Theodore Kaczynski's dissatisfaction with his defense lawyers? The issue of
>> the crime itself aside, the insanity defense is surely the best way to
>> insure that the accused's ideas will have no airing.
>But the Unabomber Manifesto has been very widely read, disseminated by a
>medium that the Unabomber hates: the Internet. Within days of its release
>it was on a slew of sites and received thousands of hits, although it's
>questionable whether anyone managed to wade through to the end. Guess you
>could ask the same question of the China cantos, though <g>.
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