The Maine Space Corporation is developing a Space Data and Advanced Analytics Center, which will host a cloud-based, digital platform resourced to import/downlink, store, clean, manage, and analyze satellite data in concert with terrestrial data to help solve local business needs and public policy issues. We need your valuable feedback to build the first iteration of this platform. This survey takes only 3-5 minutes to fill out and will help us understand your priorities, functional requirements, and preferences.

Please note that we have a varied group of stakeholders, so we opted to use the general term "space data" in the survey. This can mean satellite or terrestrial remote sensing data, including imagery, radar, or lidar. If you have specific requests on the kinds of data that you would like this platform to host, please include those requests in your survey response. 

The survey is found here: Space Data Dashboard Survey

Thanks so much for your time, 
Emily Elmore
Maj. Emily K. Elmore, USAF (Ret.)
Principal, Elmore Johnson
Energy & Environmental Law Fellow
University of Maine School of Law

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