Good Morning Everyone,
The State and Local Government Committee is meeting in a work session to
review the Biennial Budget on this Wednesday March 7th at 1 pm. Please
provide testimony either in person or via email to the Committee.
The meeting will be in the Cross Office building behind the Capital in room
214. Please make it in person if you can.
To provide written testimony electronically, send it to the committee clerk
Maggie Hood [log in to unmask]

A document formatted to provide testimony is attached. It is important that
you inform the committee of the importance of GeoLibrary work and how it
affects you, your job, your community. If you are using data from the
GeoLibrary now explain why it is either deficient or needs regular updating
to maintain currency.

This is very important to help assure the line items do not get traded out
for some other budget item deemed more important by the Appropriations
Your loud and vocal support is needed NOW!

Joe Young
Former: Public Member
Former: Chairman of the Board
Maine Library of Geographic Information
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