*"The Birds of Carrabassett Valley"*

*Join us for a powerpoint presentation on **Friday, July 15, 2022 @ 
4:30**in the Begin Family Community Room at the Carrabassett Valley 
Public Library & Community Center***

*Nick Lund is Advocacy & Outreach Manager at Maine Audubon, where he 
helps pass legislation and other policies to protect Maine's wildlife 
and habitat. He's also a writer, appearing in Audubon Magazine, the 
Washington Post, Portland Phoenix, National Parks, the Maine Sportsman, 
and Down East, and recently publishing /The American Birding Association 
Field Guide to the Birds of Maine /and /The Ultimate Biography of 
Earth/. He'll talk about the unique and fascinating birds found around 
Carrabassett, from the valley floor to the top of Sugarloaf. There will 
be time for questions and r**efreshments. Call 237-3535 for more 


I am trying to figure out how I can have the in-person program and use 
the OWL to share via zoom. Can anyone walk me through this?

Set up Owl so it stays facing the presenter. Connect the OWL to 
presenter's computer, and at the same time he is connected to the LCD 
projector. Planning to practice ahead of time.

Thank you!


Andrea DeBiase
Library Director
Carrabassett Valley Public Library
3209 Carrabassett Dr #3
Carrabassett Valley   ME  04947
PHONE: 207-237-3535

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