So nice that the patron remembers McArthur Library! I looked back in our
incident log and we received multiple calls during July of 2017. It shows
the calls were at all times of the day and night and were directed to both
Reference Staff and the Library Director. We pulled in the police and the
staff at Riverview to make the calls stop.



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> Hello,
> I just got a call from a man who says he is at Riverview Psychiatric
> Hospital in Augusta, Maine. The library director has got calls from him
> before and this is my second one. Each time, he is insistent that we send
> him printed information as he claims that he is not allowed to have
> anything to read. Yet, he comes up with some rather obscure requests for
> information that could really only be found on a computer. I asked him
> today that since he is in Augusta that perhaps he should go through a
> library in Augusta and he said that he tried one and it would only give him
> law information and phone numbers. He then got quite testy and said that
> the people in Maine are sticks in the mud and won't give him information.
> Just checking to see if anyone else has got these calls?
> Thank you,
> Alana DePerte
> Reference Services
> Norway Memorial Library
> 258 Main Street
> Norway, Maine 04268
> (207) 743-5309 ext. 1

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