Dear Geospatial Advocate,

I am asking again for an update on your current ground conditions by filling out this simple, anonymous form, available here:

We especially need information in the northern portions of Franklin County, Somerset County, Penobscot County, and all areas of Aroostook County. Your input provides real-time spring conditions to the pilots who can then make use of our limited time available for the best collection results.

To view current spring collection survey reports, please visit this interactive web application:

The Maine GeoLibrary has coordinated Spring 2022 acquisitions for over 16,000 square miles of aerial imagery and approximately 4,800 square miles of LiDAR for the State; this includes the rollovers from 2021 as well. Your weekly input is greatly appreciated.


Claire Kiedrowski
Executive Director
Maine Library of Geographic Information
Email: [log in to unmask]
Cell: (207) 266-7087

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