Global Mapper and Global Mapper Pro are developed in tandem by the Blue Marble team. Global Mapper offers tools for general GIS processing of any data type, and the Pro edition expands the program’s functionality for drone data processing, point cloud creation, analysis, and more.

The Global Mapper v23.1 release includes the ability to create a 3D mesh of a viewshed radius as a hemisphere. Users can now also display lines as simulated cylindrical pipe features. In addition, expanded data-creating transforms in the newly improved Spatial Operations tool make it a one-stop interface for the complex analysis of vector features.

Containing all the updates and new features in version 23.1 of Global Mapper, the Pro edition offers a set of advanced tool updates. Users will find new feature creation methods that include creating contour lines directly from 3D point cloud data and new methods to generate 3D mesh features. With a new Volumetric Features option, 3D cylindrical, spherical, or pipe mesh features can be generated based on existing 2D or 3D vector points, lines, and polygons. Expanding the capabilities of the lidar analysis tools, point cloud segmentation now considers the RGB color values associated with point returns, along with curvature, intensity, and other characteristics.

If you are interested in learning more about the feature updates in version 23.1 of Global Mapper and Global Mapper Pro, join Blue Marble on Wednesday, February 23rd, for a live webinar exploring the new tools.

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Rachael Landry
Blue Marble Geographics
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