Register today for Blue Marble GeoTalks
<>. This *free* day-long
conference for geospatial professionals and GIS enthusiasts is being
held *tomorrow,
January 26th*. The 2022 conference
<> will feature speakers who
will illustrate the connection between GIS and the environment.

The guest speakers <> for
this year’s conference include:

   - *Larry Mayer, Ph.D.*, Director of the Center for Coastal and Ocean
   Mapping at the University of New Hampshire, will talk about his latest
   expedition to the Arctic and how he uses Global Mapper
   <> in his seafloor mapping
   - *Brett Rhodes*, a mine surveyor based in Australia, will walk through
   a Global Mapper terrain analysis project focusing on high-risk mining pits.
   - *Paul Seaman, Ph.D.*, a marine biologist and geophysicist based in the
   United Kingdom, will share how he used Global Mapper in the study of
   submarine columns with the potential for rapid carbon sequestration at the
   Ikka Fjord in Greenland.

GeoTalks 2022 will also offer company news and updates, and workflow advice
from the Blue Marble team. In addition, these sessions include an
introduction to advanced analysis with Global Mapper Pro
<>, an exploration of
product development in Geographic Calculator
<> and GeoCalc Online
<>, tips and tricks, and much more.

Attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions and interact with
speakers and hosts through the virtual webinar platform.

*Register today
<> *to reserve
your seat and after the event, view recordings of each session. For the
full agenda and speaker information visit,

Thank you,
Rachael Landry

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