Hello all-

Many thanks to those of you who have sent your (amazing!) stories of providing digital skills support for your patrons. If you have not yet, do not fear, we can still use your story.

I've created a story bank of sorts so that we can find examples on specific topics that we may need to highlight (e.g., assisting someone apply for a job or create a resume or helping an older adult navigate online health information). Themes that are emerging include: help with access digital resources (CloudLibrary), building confidence to use technology/go online, using apps and social media, virtual courses/school help.

Please let us know what your library is doing to help patrons be successful online and use digital tools to connect with family and friends, take a course, do homework, find a job, seek healthcare, create art... YOUR TOPIC HERE.

Remember, telling a story with a face is the most impactful. We want to demonstrate the difference your programs and services make in your community but we want to do it by showing the difference you make one person at a time. Maybe you have someone who comes in regularly or maybe it's someone who needed help for a specific task. Let us know! For reference I pasted in a clip from our original call below.

Lastly, before we would reference a specific library, we will seek permission. It's always fine if you prefer your stories to remain anonymous.

Thank you again for your help,

Marijke Visser (she/her)
Section Supervisor, Library Development
Maine State Library

Original call clip:
We're looking for all sorts of examples! Formal digital literacy classes teaching computer and tech skills, informal one-on-one assistance helping someone get an email address, file government forms, etc. Maybe you have a story of helping someone learn a new device, or maybe you loan hotspots and / or laptops that someone needs to apply for a job. Do you have programs that focus on veterans or older adults, or are you working with new Mainers? We'd love to hear about it!

Stories with a face -- the impact of your library's service on a specific person or family -- can really demonstrate the real impact that your library has in its community. What are your patrons sharing with you about your digital literacy programs and training? Please share your stories that highlight the needs in your community and the important work you do every day to meet those needs.