In August, Blue Marble Geographics will be hosting a month-long series of online events to showcase the company’s academic programs, including no-cost access to its software for universities and colleges in the US and Canada, as well as free curriculum and teaching materials.

With an extensive collection of powerful geospatial tools, Blue Marble’s Global Mapper software is ideally suited for the task of introducing students to the core principles of GIS. Throughout August, teachers and faculty will have an opportunity to learn how to use this innovative software in the classroom to provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in the geospatial industry.

The program will feature:

To learn more about Blue Marble’s Academic month, please contact [log in to unmask] or sign up for the Blue Marble Marble Monthly newsletter to receive updated information about the event in your inbox.

If you are a professor currently using Global Mapper or Geographic Calculator in the classroom and would like to share some information about your students’ work with the software, please let us know. Your school may be showcased during the Academic Month. 

Thank you,

Rachael Landry 
Marketing Assistant  |  Blue Marble Geographics

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