Available on iOS and Android, the version 2.2 release of Global Mapper Mobile introduces a new compass display to show the heading of the device, as well as several options for changing the GPS location icon to increase visibility and contrast on the map. Version 2.2, also includes improvements to the Pro Module’s Advanced GPS tool, which now supports real-time kinematic (RTK) corrections, including a built-in NTRIP client to connect to a correction source in Global Mapper Mobile. Other features of the release are improved display of horizontal and vertical coordinate accuracy information when available and new accuracy attributes added to field-collected vector features. Global Mapper Mobile provides all the available positioning information for field technicians and data managers completing fieldwork with the app.

Global Mapper Mobile works in conjunction with the desktop version of Global Mapper to provide a cohesive system for data collection and analysis. Blue Marble’s GIS programs and tools are used and valued worldwide across many industries for their versatility, ease of use, and powerful processing capabilities. To see what Global Mapper Mobile can add to your workflow download a copy from your app store.

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Rachael Landry

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