Migrating to the Utility Network is truly a transformational technology implementation. Once you've adopted a smartphone, you'll never go back to a flip phone. That's the kind of transformation you'll have in the Utility Network.

Register for this webinar on June 3 to:<https://contactmonkey.com/api/v1/tracker?cm_session=968532fa-c2ea-4c4f-9a1d-c28740c6f0e0&cm_type=link&cm_link=c9c2a36d-492b-4d71-a457-2380f9c22ef2&cm_destination=https://info.gisinc.com/webinar/utilitynetworktransformation?utm_campaign=Tim%20Small&utm_source=Tim&utm_medium=Webinar&utm_content=Utility%20Network%20Webinar%202021>

  *   Receive a refresher on "why" you should migrate and how to build your case for the initiative
  *   See technical demos in the Utility Network to see the difference for yourself and learn a thing or two
  *   Hear about a tool called SSP Sync from our friends at SSP Innovations
  *   Explore different methods of getting started to include assessments, training, workshare, etc.
  *   Hear from fellow utilities on their experience with moving to the Utility Network
  *   Plan with our list of questions to ask yourself before taking the next step in your migration

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