My question is, can we REQUIRE people to wear masks, if the governor 
says vaccinated people don't have to? I think there will be a lot of 
push back from people who are vaccinated (and some who are not), who 
will say the governor says they don't have to wear masks. Even if 
individual libraries have their own policies, we may be wading into 
legal waters here. I will be consulting my town manager, who will, in 
turn, consult the town attorney for guidance.

On 5/14/2021 2:38 PM, Jon Knepp wrote:
> Hello All,
> So, I guess I'll be the one to ask the question that is probably on all of
> our minds:
> What do the reviewed mask guidelines mean for libraries?
> Is anyone changing their policies because of the update?
> I don't feel like checking vaccine cards at the door fits in with a
> library's stressing individual privacy. People also will not be ok with us
> doing that.
> On the other hand, I feel like making masks optional, or using the honor
> system when it comes to vaccination status is also an enormous public
> health issue, but other businesses are definitely going to move towards
> that.
> It feels like a damned if you do, damned if you don't situation and I think
> that we should have a conversation about it, because we're all going to
> have to make choices about it very soon, even if that choice is to change
> nothing. Regardless of that choice, there will probably be consequences so
> I'd be interested in your thoughts.
> -Jon
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