Good Morning All,
In case you haven't heard I was elected Chair of the GeoLibrary Board in
January. We are embarking on a strategic planning process and have issued a
request for proposals and hope to have a contractor on board by the end of
June to assist with this project.
If you are a vendor interested in submitting a proposal you can find the
RFP posted on the State of Maine Bureau of purchasing website.

I had an interesting conversation with a couple board members the other
day. I offered that I thought the GeoLibrary should be a resource for more
than just state geographic data. It should also provide linkages to
non-state data where possible but it should also host geographic data
created for other governmental entities that do not have the resources to
publicly host the data. I think it should also be a resource for other
public data created for many other purposes.

I found that at least these two board members did not agree.

I am curious,  as a member of this list serve and presumably a user of
geographic data in your GIS applications, should the library host non-state
data or should only host state data, provide links to any other non-state
data and ignore all other geospatial data being developed. Especially the
Maine related data which may be one small subdivision of the state or
something regional in scope.

I am very interested in hearing your thoughts.

Joe Young
Public Member
Chairman of the Board
Maine Library of Geographic Information
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