Dear all,
I am in an information gathering mode about school opening at the end of the month. Attached find the HS announcement about how things will open at the High School level. 

Is anyone willing to share thoughts about this?

I am very ambiguous about the hybrid plan and to be completely open to you my feelings are to wait until after the first semester to enact the plan doing the first semester fully online. This gives us time to evaluate school openings around the country. I ask you why not wait? I also ask you what's the rush? First semester online will not harm our children's education anymore then this pandemic already has. Why throw them into the fray of this experiment without more preparation and knowledge in our pockets for their safety.

This gives us space to observe how school reopening will go around the country. Also I believe it would be prudent to put a stop to the construction plans because needs will change due to our world's reaction to the pandemic. We also need to open our attitudes to be prepared for whatever change is upon us. It is no longer business as usual no matter what you believe.

Our state has been lucky so far but we are not immune. Whatever your beliefs, I invite you to kindly share them here on this old fashioned listserv. I find that this avenue of communication leads to freedom of communication that is not controlled by the structures of a board or committee. 

In the past it was a valuable tool for all who used it allowing voices to be heard and fears to be voiced.

Stanley M Levitsky

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