May 11, 2020


Last year, before we embarked on a major renovation and as we started to
think about rearranging our collections, we asked for input regarding
combining and separating genres. We got suggestions and info on practices
from 16 libraries, which was extremely helpful for our decision making.
Thank you!

We thought you might like to hear what we learned and what we decided to do.
9 libraries shelve Mystery with Fiction, and 3 additional recommend it
9 libraries shelve SciFi with Fiction, and 2 additional recommend it
8 libraries shelve Fantasy with Fiction, and 1 additional recommends it
5 libraries shelve Western with Fiction, and 2 additional recommend it
6 libraries shelve Large Print separate from Fiction, and 2 more recommend
doing that

Several libraries separate genres because of space constraints and would
combine more if space allowed.

Happily, our reconfigured space allows us to combine all Fiction genres in
one area, except LP which will be separate. Spine labels will have "FIC" on
them, and we'll use stickers for Mysteries.

Thank you to Everyone for your helpful input, and we wish you the best in
these challenging times!

Esther Gass
Millinocket Memorial Library