Blue Marble Geographics just released major versions of Global Mapper and Global Mapper Mobile. Global Mapper v21 includes many new features and functions in the base software and in the optional LiDAR module.  The highlight of this release is the new MangoMap extension, which provides Global Mapper users with a straightforward and affordable tool for sharing their maps online.

Version 21 also includes a revamped labeling function providing more flexible text management and the means to move, edit, or delete individual labels. It also introduces a new keyframe animation tool for visualizing change in a sequence of layers. The LiDAR Module incorporates an automatic point classification tool for identifying and reclassifying utility poles. There have also been upgrades to Pixels-to-Points, a photogrammetry tool for creating 3D data from drone or UAV images. These include a masking option to eliminate uniform background colors and a new function for automatically finding images that contain ground control points based on their location.

The release of Global Mapper Mobile 2.0, a powerful field data viewing and collection app for iOS and Android, introduces an array of new and updated functionality, as well as the addition of the Pro version with numerous professional-grade mapping tools. The base version includes a refreshed UI, a new measure tool, and an attribute search function, while the Pro version adds support for streaming map services including the ability to add custom sources, GeoPackage and GeoPDF support, and multiple projection options.


Blue Marble will be holding a live webinar on Thursday, October 3rd that will showcase all the highlights of Global Mapper v21. The webinar will start at 2 pm Eastern Time. Space is limited and registration is required, so be sure to sign up today. To register, visit:


To learn more, visit the Blue Marble website and download a free evaluation copy of Global Mapper v21 today!

Thank you,

Rachael Landry | Marketing Assistant
Blue Marble Geographics

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