Greetings Students,

I'm starting to get questions about withdrawing from courses; specifically, I'm being asked, "Is it too late to withdraw?" 

The answer is: it is too late to withdraw from an EMCC class and automatically receive a grade of "W", which does not affect your grade point average (GPA).  Students who withdraw from courses after March 31st will receive a grade of Administrative Failure (AF) which counts as a failing grade. 

The only exception is if a student writes to the Academic Dean at EMCC and can show there are valid, extenuating circumstances for dropping the course.  Examples of extenuating circumstances are illness or injury requiring hospitalization or a death in the family.

Withdrawing from a class might also impact your financial aid eligilbility, so it is a good idea to contact the Student Aid Office at EMCC before you withdraw.  The phone number is 974-4625.

There are still five weeks remaining in the semester.  If you are struggling to pass a class, I urge you to talk to your instructor about what you need to improve, make sure you turn in ALL assignments, and make a commitment to attend EVERY CLASS.  You are more than welcome to meet with me for help in making a plan to complete your class successfully.  My schedule is available at or you may make an appointment at the front desk.

If you still decide to withdraw from a class, I've attached the form you'll need to complete and turn in at the front desk.  Kim, Terry, Lynne or I can answer any questions you may have about the form, so don't hesitate to ask.

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