Hello again,

It is the time of year when Maine citizens are filing their state income taxes.  Itís the perfect time to begin spreading the word about this valuable opportunity to raise funds for Maineís Public Libraries.  We must raise a minimum of $25,000 in order to remain on the Tax-Check form (form CP).  When we began, the Maine Public Library Fund was #9 on the list of organizations to donate to.  Now the Maine Public Library Fund is #6 ó three organizations have fallen off because they did not raise enough contributions.

Letís make this the best year every so that we may grow our available funding to award more grants to Public libraries through this fund.

Below is a link to the actual CP Form so you can see what it looks like.


My email is just to get this on peopleís radar ó many of us on this list should be well aware of the Tax-Check initiative, and itís our responsibility to share this and educate others ó please begin to do that this year.

In the days to come, MSL will be sending out promo-Bookmarks, fliers, links and other information about this incredible program. Weíll be sharing how the funds have been used so that people can see tangible results.  For now, as previously stated, your assistance in getting the word out ó reminding people and conveying the importance of the Fund would be greatly appreciated.

Stay tuned and more to come!


James Ritter
State Librarian

Maine State Library
64 SHS, Augusta, ME 04333
Twitter: @RitterMSL