Bingham Library's annual Book & Plant Sale is coming up this Saturday, May
28th from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the library on Main Street in Bingham.

Everyone was inspired to do spring cleaning, apparently, as we have lots
and lots of books, including a great variety of nonfiction, (many
cookbooks)  children's books, romance paperbacks and hardcover fiction,
both recent and vintage.  Also a category I like to call "decorating
like Joanna Gaines books."

We also have plants of every kind: herbs, vegetables, perennials and

Or at the very least, stop in for free coffee and something scrumptious
from the bake sale.

All proceeds going towards repairing the foundation of our beautiful 1841
library building, so please share.

Rachel Tremblay
Bingham Union Library
297 Main St.
Bingham, ME 04920