Has anyone out there thought about bringing a new dimension to our schools and community at large vis-a-vis the so-called Maker movement?  This movement is all about creating maker spaces, places where people can come to teach and learn how to use various tools and materials to build anything from software and tech gizmos to traditional craft projects.  Although it is often linked to STEM education, it is really more in the nature of STEAM education because of the arts and design dimension.

There appear to be a number of grants and resources that might be tapped into to develop such a space, though I'm not certain where our community might best locate it.  In fact, it seems like there may be quit a bit of grant money available in this area.  

 Maybe our community is not well suited to take something like this on.  On the other hand, maybe it could take off.  I know we have some existing activities that fall under this umbrella, including our Adult Education programs and the school shop facilities. 

 Below are some links to articles on the topic.  While I did not attach it because of size limitations on the list serve, you might also search for the Makerspace Playbook online, a PDF publication about getting something like this started.

Wouldn't it be amazing if we had a facility like this that also incorporated a modest auditorium for related teaching, performing arts, and Ted-talk like presentations!  Like our own little Maker incubator.  

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