We have a YA section in our 5th-8th library which is a new section for us
this year and we label them with a YA sticker. We do not restrict students
from this area regardless of age.If a 5th grade student wants to check out
one of those books for the first time I make sure they know that the YA
indicates that the book is more mature, and what that might mean in terms
of content. I let them decide if they still want to take it out. I might
mention it also depending on what I know about the student regardless of
age or if I've read a particular title and know for a fact what the mature
content is specifically just to give them a heads up. If a parent wants to
restrict their child from reading those books they can let us know and we
put a note in their account and that's that. All I can do is let students
have the information they need to make a choice for themselves about what
they are willing or able to handle.

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> Good morning,
> Our middle school contains grades 6-8. Many of the books in our library
> are recommended (SLJ) for grades 7 & up, or 8 & up.
> I would like to hear from middle school librarians as to how they handle
> the slightly mature content of many of their books.
>   • Do you not purchase anything that recommended for grades higher than
>     6th?
>   • Do you use YA stickers?
>   • Do you mark the book in some other way to indicate slightly mature
>     content?
>   • Other ideas...
> Thank you,
> Suzanne
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