Good morning,

I apologize this notice is coming so late, but I just got the information from campus half an hour ago. 

There are spots available for the Boston Trip.  The spots are $15 for students (enrolled in at least one course at UMA or EMCC and attending through the center in Ellsworth this semester) and $35 for guests.The trip is on Friday, October 2rd

****If you decide not to go on the trip, we cannot provide a refund unless we can fill your spot and you return the original receipt.

Below is the projected itinerary for the Boston Trip:

List of Pick Up locations:
Arrive in Boston around 11:30am depending on traffic, dropped off on State Street by Faneuil Hall.

There is no set itinerary.  Students can look up information on historic sites and other attractions and are free to explore.

Pick up for the trip back to Maine is at 7pm on State Street - This is the only pick up location for the ride home.

If you want to sign up, please see Ann.  EXACT CASH AMOUNT OR CHECKS ONLY, PLEASE.  You must register by 3:00 PM, THURSDAY, OCTOBER 1st.