We have a new employee, and I'd like to give her my list of addresses  
for sending press releases.  However, I don't need to give her EVERY  
address in my address book, only some of them.  Is there a simple way  
to do this?

I checked the Help menu under "Import/Export" but it only explains how  
to do it if I am using Outlook.  I'm not using Outlook.

I can copy and paste a string of addresses, but that doesn't help her  
to know which is for the Portland Press Herald, and which is for the  
Kennebunk Post.

Is there a simpler way than just opening every contact, copying and  
pasting first the contact name, then their email address, then opening  
the next contact?

Thanks o brilliant ones!

Bernie Alie
Youth Services Librarian
Kennebunk Free Library