Dear Poundians,
It has come to our attention that there are few venues for obtaining our 
titles concerning the music of Ezra Pound. Further, the Other Minds 
audio CD Ego Scriptor Cantilenae is now sold out. As we will not be 
shipping books after October 9th until the end of the year, we are 
sponsoring a brief sale that ends Oct. 7th.
See titles and prices on Amazon
1. Cavalcanti: A Perspective on the Music of Ezra Pound
2. Complete Violin Works 1923-1933
3. The Recovery of Ezra Pound's Third Opera: Collis O Heliconii
4. Le Testament: Paroles de Villon, 1926 and 1933 performance editions
5. Le Testament Facsimile Edition with Audio CD
Ezra Pound's Opera Le Testament - audio CD

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