We'll have plenty of new students, and I am looking for some "student
ambassador" volunteers who will be available to help new students with
general questions, signing on to the the computers, and using the on-line
services of both EMCC and UMA, and perhaps replenishing snacks.

I also need tutors for writing and math for both UMA and EMCC subjects:

MAT 115 Statistics - UMA
ENG 101 College Writing - UMA and EMCC
BIO 121 - Anatomy and Physiology I - EMCC
Study Skills and Notetaking - UMA and EMCC
Research/Using Library Services - UMA and EMCC
Computer Lab - using EMCC and UMA on-line services

Peer tutoring is an EXCELLENT opportunity for education majors to work on
their skills!

Please contact me and let me know if you're available to assist either the
first week, or to tutor.

Thank you!  I'm looking forward to seeing you next week!


Ann Delaney

*Student Services Coordinator*

*University College at Ellsworth*

*(207) 667-3897*

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