Need some financial help to attend the Conference?  Four conference grants
are available from the MLA Scholarship and Loan Committee! Find guidelines,
applications and so much more at
<>  ; click on Committee/Interest Groups then
Scholarship & Loan.

ALSO, please consider donating to our only fundraiser-the awesome Basket
Raffle.  We count on Maine librarians to donate baskets that will fund
future conference grants, 0% loans and the Phyllis E. Ainsworth scholarship.
I already have one basket and look forward to many more. Bring baskets to
the Conference-we'll be setting up on November 16 in the lobby area of the
beautiful new Cross Center in Bangor. Please contact any committee member if
you have any questions.

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Debbie Lozito, library director

Edythe Dyer Library

269 Main Road North

Hampden, Maine  04444