Great work all around. Thank you!

On 11/19/2013 1:28 PM, Roxana Preda wrote:
> Dear friends,
> This is just to say that Justin made good on his offer to put up a 
> page for our society on Facebook. The link is simplicity itself but 
> here it is for convenience:
> I know some of you doubted that the F page could do any good. Yet I 
> think it can potentially do service to promote our society to the 
> world, be useful to us, should we need it and also to undergraduates 
> and general readers. At my university I have seen students communicate 
> with tutors via facebook so I would not want to miss this possibility 
> for promoting the EPS.
> The F page will only contain official information first circulated on 
> our mailing list, no one will miss out for not being a(n) F user.
> I have already begun to promote the society in the UK through the 
> so-called BAMS website (British Association for Modernist Studies) as 
> well as on the No doubt we will have other opportunities 
> to make the existence of our society known and I would welcome your 
> suggestions in this regard.
> On F you can see the new society logo. I wonder what you think of it.
> Best,
> Roxana