What wonderful ideas!  thanks for your work to get these initiatives
rolling both new and continuing!

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> Dear friends,
> As you may know, The Ezra Pound Society gives an annual award for the best
> book in Pound studies published in the previous year. The time has come for
> us to decide what book receives the prize for 2012.
> For those of you who do not know of this award, here is a retrospective:
> The first winner was Alec Marsh for his book Money and Modernity (1999),
> followed by:
> Leon Surette (Pound in Purgatory, 2000),
> Walter Baumann (Roses in the Steel Dust, 2001),
> Margaret Fisher (Ezra Pound's Radio Operas, 2004),
> Peter Liebregts (Pound and Neoplatonism, 2005),
> Mary De Rachewiltz together with David and Joanna Moody for their edition
> of correspondence Ezra Pound to his Parents, 2011.
> As you see, this is a roll of honor and a beautiful tradition, which is
> now for us to continue. Please write to me to propose books for
> consideration.
> The award is given at the MLA convention and the winner receives a cheque
> for $500.
> I await your proposals until November 15, when I will write to let you
> know what books are being considered. That gives us time to decide on the
> book winner until the next MLA convention in January 2014.
> I would like to take this opportunity to launch an initiative: I propose
> to you that the society also give an award for the best article in Pound
> studies published in the previous year. An article can be the vehicle for
> exciting new discoveries; it often makes a young scholar's career; it
> establishes or consolidates a reputation. I would like to give young
> Poundians the chance to compete with their elders and to win prestige and
> recognition among their peers for outstanding small-scale work.
> The award of 2014 would honor an essay published in a journal or volume in
> 2012 and 2013. I propose that the society gives the winner a cheque for
> $100 and ensures that the article is promoted on our website (which we WILL
> have). We could have a small ceremony at the ALA conference in May 2014 to
> announce and celebrate the winner.
> For the articles we can extend the submissions period until January 1st.
> Please don?t be shy to propose your own work ? all I ask is that the
> article has an abstract which clearly states the argument and shows in what
> way the article breaks new ground, makes a discovery, or is a departure
> from established practices and assumptions. In January I will let you know
> what article proposals I have received.
> If you like this initiative, I would be deeply grateful for sponsorship ?
> at present the society does not receive any membership dues and any
> donation would help us ensure we continue to give the society awards and
> honour the bright ideas and the courageous research Poundians do. To
> donate, please write to [log in to unmask]
> I look forward to your proposals ? I am now investigating possible
> channels for a society mailbox ? I hope to reach a decision before
> mid-November. A mailbox could be a temporary solution that would give more
> shape to the EPS; it would also give us the possibility to vote on the
> awards and provide storage space for our materials.
> Until then, please write to me at [log in to unmask]
> Al the very best,
> Roxana
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