Hello Wonderful Library Community

In the spring, Kirsten Cappy introduced me and since we are entering back-to-school season, I'd like 
to say, "hello," myself. 

I represent award winning authors and illustrators from Maine and the nation through Creative 
Bookings (http://authorvisits.com) I am currently scheduling visits for David Elliott, Anne Sibley 
O'Brien, Cathryn Falwell, Brenda Reeves Sturgis, Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen, Melanie Crowder, and 
illustrator Hazel Mitchell. If you are interested in booking an author or illustrator who is not on my 
list, I'm happy to make that connection for you.

If you are looking to elevate classroom content with real world application; provide students with 
career path possibilities; make literacy exciting; engage students in creative writing and art 
opportunities; inspire students to find their voice and tell their stories please drop me an email at 
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Perhaps some of the great librarians who have already used Creative Bookings this summer could 
chime in.

Thank you for supporting literacy and my new growing business! 

Anna Boll
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