Hello all,

This week I have been approached several times by teachers needing audio
copies of books for struggling readers.  While our library has a few
audiobooks it is by no means an extensive collection and of course does
not contain the requested titles. I know that we can access material
through Minerva, however this always makes me a little nervous in case the
materials go missing and we have to pay for them.

I am wondering if any of you have experienced a similar issue.  My inital
idea was to read/record these titles myself.  After speaking to our tech
department I realized that in order to be successful we need to invest in
a microphone.  The other piece to our puzzle is copyright infringement.  

Do any of you know if proceeding with this idea could lead to copyright
issues?  My guess is that the recordings would be used once or twice a
year, probably not with more than six students at a time.  They would not
be released into the public domain.

Any ideas, insights or advice you can share would be most appreciated.  
Thanks!  Have a great day.


Joy Clark
Library Services
Molly Ockett Middle School