*Tentative Course Listings for 2013 Spring Semester***

Itís that time again! Take a look at what you can do this spring at
University College in Ellsworth. TENTATIVE course offerings for both
now online. Check it out now! Registration for degree students begins
November 5, 2012 and opens up for all students on November 13, 2012.**

* *

*Getting Connected on LinkedIn*

Have you formed a professional network yet? Learn how to bring your job
search into the 21st Century using LinkedIn this Thursday, October 18, from
3-4 pm at Ellsworth Center's Room 2. This videoconference is useful for
everyone, but particularly if you'll be graduating soon.

* *

*Stress Management Workshop*

Has life got you in a tizzy? On October 23rd from 4-5 pm at the Ellsworth
Center learn how to de-stress. Be there or be stressed!

*Pamela Karwasinski*

*Administrative Support Supervisor*

*Hancock County  Higher Education Center*

*Mill Mall*248 State St.*Suite 1*

*Ellsworth, ME 04605*