Where: UM
When: 0600
Expected Duration: 1hr
Scope: Limited to residential networks

        DHCP snooping will be enabled for residential networks in the
following buildings:

Aroostook Hall
Androscoggin Hall
Balentine Hall
Colvin Hall
Cumberland Hall
Estabrooke Hall
Gannett Hall
Hancock Hall
Hart Hall
Knox Hall
Oak Hall
Oxford Hall
Penobscot Hall
Somerset Hall
Stodder Hall
York Hall

DHCP snooping is a L2 security feature to prevent unauthorized DHCP
server traffic.

This change should not disrupt service.

UNET Contact Info:
        NOC 561-3587 (this should transfer to the Operator
        who can get in touch with the appropriate person)

Local/Campus Contact Info during this window of work:
        NONE / Unknown at this time