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The U.S. Geological Survey is pleased to introduce the new US Topo, a digital 1:24,000-scale topographic map series for 2010.  US Topo is a major new step in regenerating, improving, and updating the familiar  USGS topographic maps.  The new maps are built from the digital layers of The National Map, which is a synthesis of information from local, state, and federal partners.  The US Topo maps combine the familiar data layers seen in the original map - contours, hydrography, transportation, geographic names, and more - over an image background.  The map’s collar and frame have the same look and feel as the legacy USGS topographic map.  While the maps are built from digital components, users can print the maps showing different layers and at different scales.

US Topo builds on the earlier introduction of the "Digital Map - Beta."  More than 14,100 "Digital Map - Beta" quadrangle maps have been produced since June of 2009, with coverage in 18 states including Maine.  These maps were a developmental precursor to the US Topo and, while similar in appearance to USGS topographic maps, did not include the hydrography and contour lines.  US Topo adds these layers and other improvements and will now be the foundation upon which future enhancements and additional data are added.  US Topo maps will be produced in 2010 and 2011 to complete coverage of the continental United States.  For 2010, US Topo production begins in Kansas and progresses to New York, Oklahoma, Kentucky, and Texas toward a total of 16 states.  In 2012, the existing "Digital Map - Beta" products will be supplanted by new US Topo maps and production will continue on a national three year cycle.    

US Topo maps are available on the Internet at no cost in a GeoPDF format.  Free tools allow users to determine coordinates, turn layers on and off, zoom in and out, and print the map image.  We invite you to be among the first to evaluate this new product by visiting the USGS Store site at store.usgs.gov.  More information on US Topo can be found on The National Map web site at nationalmap.gov/ustopo/.   The site includes a "Quickstart" user's guide, links to locate and download the available maps, an information sheet, and some interesting information concerning the history of topographic mapping in the USGS. Your feedback on the US Topo is very important and will be used to improve the maps, the website, and outreach materials.  Please submit your comments via nationalmap.gov/ustopo/ustopo_feedback.html or simply click on the "Contact Us" tab of the US Topo web site.    

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Dan Walters
Geospatial Liaison for Maine
USGS NSDI Partnership Office
196 Whitten Road
Augusta, Maine 04330
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