(The original announcement had a flaw in the link, now fixed.  An annoying extra space nullified the direct link to the FlashPoint EZRA POUND & WALL STREET page.  If anyone encounters a null page clicking on this corrected link, please copy http://www.flashpointmag.com/ into the URL line and try it that way.  But the page really does EXIST!!!
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ANNOUNCING .......                            FLASHPOINT EXTRA!                              Winter 2009                                     http://www.flashpointmag.com                        EZRA POUND & WALL STREET                               featuring                               CANTO XLV                              "With Usura"                              GIANO ACCAME                      (translated by WAYNE POUNDS)                               ELLEN CARDONA                             DAVID HICKMAN                               MAC OLIVER                             BRENDON KERESEY                               TONY EVANS                              ROSALIE GANCIE                             CARLO PARCELLI                           "Along the frontier                     where the arts & politics clash ..."